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Iron Saga

In which I adapt the best rules from Star Wars: Saga Edition into Iron Heroes.


Star Wars: Saga Edition (just Saga from now on) diverges fairly significantly from the way normal combat works in d20. The ruleset is designed to create more dynamic, interesting combats that are truer to the Star Wars movies. Iron Heroes has the same goal - to create dynamic, interesting combat, that often feels like a cinematic fight. As such, I believe the two systems can benefit greatly from a merging of their best bits.


As I'm primarily an IH junkie, and IH itself makes substantial changes to the core of the system, what this ends up meaning is that I take the cool bits from Saga and put them into IH, rather than the other way around.


Eventually, I hope to put together a free conversion document from this work and put it up on the Iron League, so that everyone can benefit from cooler combat.

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